Stainless steel bathroom cabinet maintenance: daily use of these 10 points must pay attention!
                  Stainless steel bathroom cabinet maintenance

                  Stainless steel bathroom cabinet with waterproof performance, general service life is long, but with the passage of time, or daily use is not correct, the bathroom ark can appear a few small problems, this needs us to pay attention to the maintenance of bathroom cabinet, in daily life to share some of stainless steel bathroom ark maintenance method.

                  1. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet shall be protected when the house is decorated. Because building materials such as cement particles and wall washing water are easy to adhere to the cabinet surface in the process of house decoration, cement particles themselves contain acid and alkali. Under the environment of water, the stainless steel surface will react with these substances, leading to corrosion. If you do not get on it carefully, flush it with clean water immediately.

                  2. The opened washing articles cannot be stored in the stainless steel cabinet for a long time. The gas released from the opened washing articles will damage the stainless steel, and the rust corrosion inside the cabinet will be caused by the oxidation of the anti-rust layer.

                  3. Activated carbon should not be placed in the stainless steel cabinet. When activated carbon gets damp, it will produce chemical reaction and become weak acid, which will seriously corrode the stainless steel.

                  4. Do not scrub the cabinet with steel ball or rough brush. Steel ball or rough brush has certain hardness, can damage the protective layer of the product surface, so please use soft cotton cloth or nap cloth to wipe clean when maintaining.

                  5. Do not use high or corrosive solvents to scrub. If have general besmirch, usable spray agent and dry towel are swabbed; If there is dust, use soap, weak scour or warm water to wash; If have oily be soiled, usable and soft cloth is wiped clean, clean again with neuter scour next; If there is rainbow grain, be caused by excessive use scour, with warm water neuter scour can be washed.

                  6. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet should be cleaned regularly, usually every 15 to 30 days.

                  7. Maintenance of ceramic POTS: the ceramic POTS should be kept clean regularly, and can be cleaned daily with water, detergent, soap and water, etc. Dust and sand should be removed timely to prevent the surface from being damaged. When the surface of pottery and porcelain basin appears Nick, can besmear on Nick place a few toothpaste, wipe repeatedly with soft and dry cloth, polish again, can make the surface is smooth as new.

                  8, marble mesa maintains: natural marble is porous stone material, can absorb all sorts of liquid, if the object that is placed on mesa has water bottom, time is long easy to cause watermark trace. So there is water at the bottom of the object to be dried, marble mesa daily maintenance use soft cloth and water wipe, and then wipe the surface with another cloth.

                  9. Maintenance of bathroom mirror: do not touch or wipe the mirror with wet hand or wet cloth, so that the mirror will be wet and the light layer of the mirror will deteriorate and become black. The mirror shall not be in contact with acid-base or grease substances, which are liable to corrode the mirror. Water stains on mirrors should be promptly dried with a soft, dry cloth.

                  10. The metal parts shall be provided with lubricating oil for maintenance every half year.



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