Shower room maintains skill, extend shower room life easily
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                  Shower room is the place that we need to touch everyday, its safety and cleanness are crucial, safe existence hidden danger can cause harm to human body, clean not clean can breed bacterium to affect human body health. Because this is daily, shower room must do a good job cleanness and maintain, such not only assure shower room is beautiful with security, still can prolong its service life. So how to clean and maintain shower room? Below let the article wei take you to see.

                  One, the clean of shower room

                  Shower room is made up of glass, hardware and base, these materials are easy to scratch and wear, the secret of maintenance is: gently clean, keep dry.

                  1. Daily cleaning: spray water evenly on the product, and wipe it with dry soft cloth.

                  2. Slight dirt: use soft cloth or sponge to pick up the neutral cleaner and wipe the glass with special glass cleaner.

                  Stubborn stains: remove with alcohol.

                  4. Do not use these articles for cleaning: wire brush, abrasive cloth, cleaning powder, acidic/alkaline solvent, corrosive solvent (such as hydrochloric acid, acetone thinner, etc.), toothpaste containing fluoride. These items can damage the gloss of products, damage products, and even have adverse effects on the human body.

                  5. Keep a glass wiper at home. After taking a bath every day or regularly scraping water stains, it can reduce scaling in the shower room, keep the glass as bright as new, and make it easier to clean the standing water in the shower room.

                  Two,Maintenance of shower room

                  Cleaning is not difficult, and maintenance is not difficult. Many friends deeply feel the maintenance of shower room is a door "difficult problem", notice these gist in daily life actually, shower room life can be longer, our wei yu life also can be more comfortable.

                  1. Glass maintenance: after each use, timely dry the water vapor on the glass. Clean the glass regularly with a soft cloth and a neutral cleaner to prevent dust long-term adhesion, affecting the transparency and beauty of the glass.

                  2. Maintenance of stainless steel frame: the frame is the skeleton of the shower room, which supports the safety of the product. When installing, should do a good job to protect the surface, do not let cement grain, lime water wait for building material to stick to the surface, these composition can form organic acid in damp environment, corrode stainless steel. Do not use sharp objects and strong acid alkaline solvent wipe. Wipe with clean water and dry towel. Can use soft cloth to dip the neutral cleaner to strengthen the maintenance, can maintain the frame lasting bright.

                  3. Maintenance of hardware accessories: care for pulley when you use it at ordinary times to avoid hitting the mobile door hard, so as to avoid falling off the mobile door. The sliding rails, pulleys and blocks should be cleaned regularly and lubricated. The adjusting screw of the sliding block should be adjusted regularly to ensure the effective bearing and good sliding of the sliding block to the movable door.

                  4. Maintenance of the base: do not hit the base of shower room with sharp objects to avoid damage. When cleaning, use soft cloth or sponge with neutral cleaner or glass water to clean, hard dirt can be removed with alcohol, lemon salt.

                  After seeing the shower room of introduction of article wei, do you have a harvest? Product defend reminds you: shower room wants to buy to have quality, but good thing also needs to maintain, also can not be durable otherwise, so we are in at ordinary times when use, still want to pay more attention to.

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