【 enabling terminal ? win the war 2018] the first national store manager training camp of phealth en
                  【 enabling terminal ? win the war 2018] the first national store manager training camp of phealth ended successfully!

                  From March 27 to 29, the first national store manager training camp was grandly held, and the top sales elites from all over the country gathered at the foshan pringwei headquarters to participate in a special training camp full of dry goods. Through two days and two nights of closed-off special training, devil forging elite team, this special training camp is not only a learning feast of energy docking, but also a preliminary preparation for the opening of the national linkage, to recharge the harvest of this year.


                  On the evening of March 27, the training activity started in the course "excellent service communication ability training". Through the cultivation of the mindset of excellent communication, students learn to create customer satisfaction in the service process. In this special training camp, students learn PK in groups. In the opening ceremony, the trainees quickly eliminate their strangeness and form a team. In the team display, the sonorous voice, passionate team morale, demonstrated the spirit and temperament of pringwei people.


                  At the beginning of the training on March 28, penglian bin, President of pinwei, delivered a speech, stressing the purpose and importance of this training camp. He said that this training camp is a significant move since the development of prin health and the first shot in 2018. He hoped that everyone could carry forward the spirit of craftsman, study hard and finish the learning tasks well. At the same time, general pang introduced the development process of PCM in detail, letting students have a deeper understanding of the brand culture and brand concept of PCM.


                  As a terminal salesman, it is indispensable to have a deep understanding and familiarity of product knowledge, installation and maintenance knowledge. In the special training camp, the quality and health department specially conducted training on product knowledge, non-standard customized product training, installation and maintenance knowledge training, new product release and other course systems.

                  In the course of product knowledge training, the products of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet and the stainless steel shower room are explained in depth from the aspects of advantages, development and design, unique technology and so on, which enhances the professional product knowledge of the salesmen of the product and improves the confidence for sales.

                  In the course of "training on non-standard customized products", a new personalized customization plan of "e-customization" is introduced, which simplifies non-standard items, simulates the flat layout of common bathroom, does not need to wait for company quotation, and USES simple non-standard formula to calculate non-standard costs, so that the terminal can easily complete the quotation and place the order.


                  In the "installation and maintenance knowledge training" course, answer the common after-sales problems caused by incorrect installation, and share the maintenance skills of stainless steel sanitary products.

                  In the course of "new product release", new products were released in the first half of 2018. This new product style mainly focuses on modern simple style, advocating simplicity and returning to nature, and catering to consumers' demand for natural comfort.

                  To be a good salesperson, you need not only professional product knowledge, but also sales skills. The special training camp hired think good marketing training institutions "household building materials industry profit system expert" teacher wang, "marketing new pattern of the blazers" Tan Ping taking teachers, for students in the performance of the incremental system training, the time management training courses, such as teaching terminal stores of actual combat sales skills and efficient execution make tips, share terminal good example, focus on the manager communication, stores management ability and the ability of the team to terminal sales, pure dry, let the students benefit a lot.


                  The tense learning state requires the combination of work and rest to improve learning efficiency. The teachers carefully prepared wonderful interactive games for the students, which not only relaxed the students' body and mind, but also further increased the cohesion of the team and the sense of collective honor. The whole training course was conducted in an orderly manner with laughter.

                  The concluding ceremony on the afternoon of March 29 pushed this special training camp to the climax. In order to thank everyone for their hard work in these two days, pinfeng issued the certificate of completion to the students, and awarded the "learning model award" and "excellent team award" to the outstanding individual and team respectively.

                  Two days and two nights of closed-door special training, students learn together, grow together, acquire knowledge, and gain friendship, they will apply the knowledge to practice, leading their own team, do a good store sales work, for the development of quality health contribute their own strength.

                  This training camp is not only a learning feast for energy docking, but also a preliminary preparation for the opening of the linkage, which will be charged for this year's harvest! At the moment, pingwei elite like iron and blood sword, only waiting for the scabbard!


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