The middle class like this bathroom decoration
                  Have quality, have style, have connotation, have temperature, the simple sense life that you want, can get satisfaction from taste defend.

                  What kind of people can be called middle class in China?

                  Last year, the economist defined China's middle class as "those with an annual household income of $11,500 to $43,000, or between 80,000 and 300,000 yuan." It pointed out that this class has 225 million people in China.

                  However, relative to the definition of the economist, xiao-bo wu channel in 2017 new middle-class white paper for the outline of "new middle class", seems to be more close to the actual: after 80, received a higher education, mainly in the line, a new line and second-tier cities, engaged in professional or managerial work, net income in the 10 ~ 150000, with new aesthetic values, new consumption, a new connection.


                  It seems difficult to give an accurate definition of what the middle class is, but in addition to material satisfaction, this group must pay attention to the texture and style of life.

                  For the real middle class, "life is not just about the present, but poetry and the distance." They attach importance to the texture of life, perhaps the diet can not shanzhen seafood, but for the ingredients and cooking experience; Maybe you don't have to wear big brands, but pay attention to the material and wear clothes; On weekdays they enjoy ballet, music, wine and good tea.


                  To the residence, they do not beg to send a field to have much luxuriant and exalted, the material quality that decorates a residence exquisite however, pursuit has simple sense to have the life that style has connotation, be like "you, ok and not beautiful, not enchanting, not gentle and graceful, but the style that cannot have a life certainly"!

                  And taste the stainless steel bathroom ark that defends, shower room, what bring, have simple sense to have the life that style has connotation just what middle class place pursues.


                  The 3D stereo surface that makes through diamond cut technology, build simple sense special life. The champagne aureate attune that provides tide breath extremely is moved, let a bathroom glaring fashionable evil spirit shadow. The crystal handle that passes elaborate carve, diamond supports a leg, perfect confluence with whole product, let a bathroom be full of costly style.


                  Pure white, the ultimate beauty. Brown series USES the design of a kind of acme contracted and rich tension, will build a full of style and halcyon and comfortable home. The adornment of advanced black border and handle, let a bathroom add elegant amorous feelings charm more.


                  Advanced black, it is the popular color that never loses in vogue, with stainless steel material qualitative collocation, give birth to jing jing visual sense, let common space become extraordinary immediately.



                  Have quality, have style, have connotation, have temperature, the simple sense life that you want, can get satisfaction from taste defend.

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