Benway 2019 new product glitter release
                  Benway 2019 new product glitter release

                  April 23, the core product is special, the future product who 2019 announcement of a new product exhibition hall was held at who headquarters in foshan, product wei wei yu, chairman of PangLian bin PangYuanJian Pan Jianfeng, marketing director, marketing director and VIP dealers from all over the country gathered to discuss the new development strategy under the consumption age, and witness the gleam of 2019 new product release.


                  Deploy strategy and seek common future


                  In this conference, pang lianbin, chairman of the board of directors focused on the New Year and the next few years in the development strategy of sanitary ware, from the brand positioning, marketing strategy, product strategy, service strategy four aspects, for the future development of sanitary ware made a new deployment.


                  Pang dong pointed out that high-end customization will be the brand positioning, marketing strategy will upgrade the terminal image, through the participation in high-end design exhibition to cooperate with the upgrading and promotion of the brand.


                  In the product strategy, we will focus on the research and development direction of minimalist, modern and light luxury products, strengthen the research and development of new products, and comprehensively upgrade the material, process and configuration.

                   In terms of service strategy, by reorganizing the internal supervision and control mechanism, we will improve the whole process from sales ordering to production and delivery, and accelerate the coordination and effectiveness of all links to provide dealers with better services.



                  Upgrade marketing thinking and systems


                  Pang yuanjian, sales director of p&w, analyzed the changes of the new generation of consumers and the marketing strategies in the new retail environment.


                  PangYuanJian director said that because of the different background, after 80, 90, the consumption of thinking and habits and different after 50, 60, 70, time for a new generation of consumer behavior of fragmentation, demand for personalized, consumption, quality, diversity of consultation, communication, real-time, interactive community the six characteristics of dealers want to convert it to the customer, you must first upgrade their marketing thinking and marketing system.


                  New product, more special


                  As the highlight of this meeting, the new product launch of pinwei 2019 pushed the meeting to a climax. Pan jianfeng, marketing director of benway, made a detailed analysis of the new product of 2019. The product is defended this time rolled out 9 big series 19 are tasted newly grandly, advocate advocate contemporary and fashionable, extremely brief light luxurious style, this tastes the respect such as new in design, craft, function to have subversive breakthrough.


                  In the design of fusion of 2019 home design field metal elements, color collision, material collision and other popular trends; In the material for the first time, the use of SLATE, skin feeling film and other new materials, so that the product more beautiful and more texture; In the process of upgrading the board filler moldproof soundproof board, so that the product is more environmentally friendly and durable; In the accessories selection of Italy cartero Renault ceramic basin, Austria blum hardware accessories and other world brand accessories.

                  New orders, hot spot


                  The launch of the new products of pringwei in 2019 has aroused the enthusiastic response of the dealers on site, and they have repeatedly praised the new products. Moreover, the preferential new product ordering policy has made the dealers unable to hold back their excitement and order enthusiastically.




                  "Pin feifan ? core future" benway 2019 new product release conference comes to a successful conclusion, which is the clarion call for the new journey of pin wei bathroom in 2019. Pin wei wei will make persistent efforts to create more brilliant benway together with each dealer partner!

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