Stainless steel bathroom cabinet has so many advantages, do you know?
                  Give you the reason to choose stainless steel bathroom cabinet

                  Gold 9 silver 10 home outfit busy season, a lot of home outfit consumer is product of wei yu of choose and buy. But, building materials market brand is much, product is more easy dazzle. Lock store, brand in advance, can save time and effort more. So, a bathroom brand that is indispensable inside your plan list is tasted defend.

                  Zero formaldehyde is more environmentally friendly

                  Common woodiness bathroom ark, include oak, multilayer board, PVC board, the harmful material such as adhesive, paint can be used in production, release the poisonous gas such as formaldehyde, benzene further, can produce negative effect to the environment and human body. And the material that the ark of taste wei yu room USES is stainless steel. In manufacturing process, do not use paint more, do not contain formaldehyde, do not have radiation, ensured the safe environmental protection of bathroom ark product, let wei yu life more healthy, comfortable heart.


                  720° water and moisture proof

                  Toilet water vapor is rich, woodiness bathroom ark is affected with damp easily, long-term contact can appear bilge, bubble, desquamate wait for a phenomenon. Our stainless steel bathroom cabinet is water resistant at 720° and does not absorb any water molecules. Even if you have close contact with water molecules every day, cracking, deformation, decay and other problems will not occur.


                  Antibacterial and mouldy

                  Mildew is the greatest fear in damp. Moist environments can also increase the incidence of some fungi, as bacteria thrive. Because stainless steel is born prevent bacterium, the superior characteristic that fights oxidation, product defends bathroom ark of stainless steel no matter be below damp environment, or dark corner, won't become moldy, won't breed bacterium more.


                  Effective insect control

                  Toilet is the most damp place in the home not only, also be relatively dark corner. If you put wood in the bathroom, it's easier to attract insects and ants. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet from the raw materials to prevent, stainless steel material hard, not only anti corrosive, but also more effective against termites, cockroaches and other insect ants bite.


                  Easy to clean and take care of

                  Product defends stainless steel bathroom ark not to dye not ooze color, structure is rigorous, the surface is smooth if new, not easy to hide dirt and dirt, clean do very convenient, wipe and clean, still can use clear water to rinse directly.


                  More durable

                  Because stainless steel material material appearance is beautiful, and practical, durable, more and more people like stainless steel products. Taste ark of wei yu room gives full play to stainless steel qualitative advantage, after the process that passes surface processing, more sturdy wear-resisting, normal service life can amount to a few years.


                  Choose the right product wei stainless steel bathroom cabinet, bathroom not only have appearance level more quality! As the advocate of quality life, over the past 23 years, we have devoted ourselves to the field of stainless steel bathroom cabinets, committed to providing high-quality bathroom products for consumers, and creating healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable bathroom space experience!

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